Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 February 4th.
Hair-Raising Boogie

Here it is - the Boogie, the creation of a young and dedicated Leeds hairdresser, 24 year old Derek “Tamala” Barnett. Named after its 1920’s “bob” look at the back, the Boogie is the perfect style for the fashion conscious young man whose boss may be passing angry glances at hair over the collar. Said long - haired Mr Barnett: “I think I have struck the happy medium here.” The style has two partings. One is fairly high and straight, the other near the crown, combed over towards the first parting. Hair stays long at the sides. Mr Barnett has already cut the shoulder length hair of his assistant, 18 year old John Broadbent, to the new style with happy results, as you can see from our pictures. “A great style” was 18 year old John’s verdict after his long locks had been shorn