Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 May 27th.
Gordon Barrie

Ballad fans try this for size - Gordon Barrie of Moortown, Leeds who has entered the realms of the Engleberts and Jones’ with a new single “Marta” just released on the Columbia label backed by a thirty piece orchestra and the Mike Sammes Singers. Now he is just waiting and hoping for chart success and a chance to show them what he can do although he has had no luck so far with television and radio. “I am just crossing my fingers for the record” he told me “but I’m afraid it’s not getting the plays. I think I have got a lot to offer if I am only given the chance, but of course thousands think the same about themselves.” Trump Cards.

Gordon (28) holds trump cards which many artists would give a lot for-a friendly personality, and a long experience of show business which has left the mark of a professional. “I began singing when I was 16. I had been jilted by a girlfriend and our song then was “From Here to Eternity.” I was in a Club and I went on to the stage and sang this song. Everyone applauded,” laughed Gordon. Since that night, Gordon has worked at a number of jobs, including service in the Army (where he was a boxer), cabaret, pantomime, even rolling rock on Blackpool Pier! His trumpet playing took him finally to Wakefield where he played in the band, sang and worked as a compere. Song Writer.

Now he lives in Falkland Mount, Moortown and runs a car-spraying business. Gordon is an accomplished musician and writes many numbers himself. He penned the B-side to his new single, “It’s a lot more ‘pop-ie’ than “Marta” he said. So that is Gordon Barrie - a Leed’s man, a fine singer, musician and professional who should be going places. He said, “In my own small way I am trying everything.” But why should he? We tend to spend a lot on the really big, big names from the glitter that is London, but whether you go for pop, soul, blues, jazz, folk or the ballads, there is talent on our doorstep - ripe for the picking