Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 June 10th.
The Zodiac Boys

Leeds group the Zodiacs were at the Radio Leeds Studios the other day making a tape for BBC’s Musical City programme. I went along to talk to them and with a few misgivings. For that name, The Zodiacs, conjured some vision of a Shadows-type group happily strumming away at the latest rave release from the Tremolos or Dave Clarke - but I was happily surprised - for the Zodiacs were busy hammering out an extremely authentic Cream number called “White Room” and it sounded good. Then it got better. Under the commanding eye of producer Geoff Leonard, these four Leeds boys taped a couple of their own songs. “Steal Away” and “Here Comes the Wind”. Very strong, good material. Following.

Lead guitarist and sax player Phillip McNamara (20) of Harehills, Leeds, explained why they kept the Zodiacs tag. “We find we have quite a following in Leeds. People know us by that name and it would be a mistake to change it.” But change is what the Zodiacs are all about. Said lead singer and Bass guitarist Doug Cliffe (20) also of Harehills, “I think we are getting away from simple pop and beginning to develop our own style.” Phillip, Doug and the other half of the group 20 year old John Fountain of Whitkirk, Leeds who plays drums plus organist and second guitar David Frisby of Harehills, have been playing together for two years now and the group’s work takes up five nights a week in fact. Said a Zodiac “It’s a full time spare time job.” Doug (he plays and sounds just a bit like Jack Bruce) outlined the group’s immediate future, “We would really like about a month with no bookings or any work, and just work out our style. It’s our own sound that’s the important thing now.”