Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 June 17th.
The Hogline Get Around.

Back home and stretching their legs after a successful tour of this country backing ace American soul stars Charlie and Inez Foxx are Leeds group the Hogline. They are happy with their performances on the tour which has brought them much closer to London and already there are reports of a growing following for the group in the Capital. Their stint with Charlie and Inez has also raised their sights. “They are marvellous - complete professionals” said drummer John Howarth White “And they want us to tour with them again next year.” Anxious.

But the Hogline are anxious not to be put in a “backing group” bag. Said lead guitarist Allen Pyrah, “We are not going to jump at the chance of playing behind any old artist who arrives from America. There are a lot of fakes.” Bass guitarist, Brian Duffissey added “Being professional means a lot to us. Often people turn pro in this business because they don’t work, let’s be realistic.” On tour, it was the task of the Hogline’s vocalist, Nelson Fletcher, to warm up the crowds before Charlie and Inez came on stage. The group’s diary also took in Radio One Club - and DJ David Symonds said later that it was the best Radio One Club he’d ever done. That’s praise for Hogline. Things are happening for the group. Already EMI, Polydor and CBS are interested in them. London is interested, so look out Leeds, Hogline could be disappearing from the north for good.