Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 July 1st.
News Flash on New “Wavelength”

Remember the “Boogie”? That was one of the recent creations from Derek Tamala Barnett, a dedicated Leeds hairstylist. Now comes along another style from this intense, longhaired young man to enhance the reputation he already holds as a character who is constantly finding new ideas which he invariably backs up with enthusiasm and ability, writes MARK KNOPFLER. This one is called “Wavelength” and though mainly blokes will benefit it goes well for girls, too, says Derek. The style is produced by building three waves around the side, and adding blonde “flashes” to give body and movement. Says 22 year old Bob Lord, a student of architecture of Cardigan Road, Headingly, Leeds, who models the style for TREND: “Derek always had trouble with my hair. It was incredibly flat and lank. Now it’s contoured. It has movement.”

Peering from behind a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles and from under a fantastic head of hair, Derek Barnett outlined his philosophy. “If you are just going to copy and not be original, forget it. I read recently a proud announcement that a top London style can now be done in Leeds. I laughed all night.” Derek grabbed Bob’s chin none too gently and twisted his model’s head around for me to examine the style. “That triangular cut around the ears and neck gives bags of shape,” he said