Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 July 1st.
There’s Thunder Coming

This is no cookery page but here’s a recipe for a group coming to Leeds Town Hall on Friday, July 11th - and it sounds good enough for Jimmy Young. The dish is called Thunderclap Newman, and you must have heard that fantastic single “Something in the Air” which should be at the No. 1 spot tomorrow. Here’s what to do, if you can get the ingredients: Take one large and eccentric pianist called Andrew Newman. Add a mixture of Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Biederbeck and Debussy. Stir in an interest in astronomy, ornithology and poltergeists and then add a liking of Bing Crosby, Dietrich, Yule Brynner and Mae West. Heat slowly to the sounds of Ravel, Chopin, Gershwin or Paderewski and flavour with white rum. Touch of Rock.

Take a songwriter and drummer called Speedy Keene. Add a touch of rock ’n roll, a spell with John Mayall, a period of writing film scores and a hit song for The Who. Take a 15 year old lead guitarist called Jimmy McCulloch. Add slight Scottish accent and stir with Django Reinhart, Eric Clapton and Wes Montgomery. Bring to the boil to the sounds of Blind Faith or the Beatles. Take one hand bass guitarist called James Pitman Avery. Pour in a mixture of Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Lee Marvin and Patrick McGoohan. Keep cool to the sounds from “West Side Story”, then add oysters and prawns and leave to stand in Scotch and Coke. And you serve that lot up as Thunderclap Newman. You can taste them at Leeds Town Hall. Controversial.

Also on with Thunderclap Newman are controversial Scottish group White Trash, who are recording for Apple and at present backing Marcia Hunt (from “Hair”) on one-nighters around the country. A York group called Sounds of Sight are also on the bill