Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 August 19th.
Yorkshire Joins the Rush to Pop Isle.
(by MK and Paul Chapman)

The Yorkshire response to the forthcoming Isle of Wight Festival of Music where Bob Dylan will top the bill which includes more than 20 world-famous bands, is described as “incredible” with nearly 3,000 inquiries a day coming from the county. A spokesman for the promoters, Yorkshire brothers Ron and Ray Foulk, directors of Fiery Creations Ltd, I.o.W. told TREND: “Of the 15,000 inquiries a day nearly 3,000 have been from Yorkshire. There’s an incredible amount of interest there.” He had heard that some Yorkshire people were organising chartered coach and rail transport to the island. Ticket Warning.

After the disappearance and recovery of a batch of 2,000 tickets at Euston Station in London, the organisers have warned the public to buy tickets only from official agents. Special infra-red systems are being set up at the turnstiles on I.o.W. to safeguard against phoney tickets. The Festival - from Friday, August 29 to the Sunday - is being held on 300 acres of land at Woodside Bay, near Ryde. With a population of only 90,000 and an estimated Festival attendance of 100,000 the latest ad catch phrase is “Help Bob Dylan to sink the Isle of Wight”! Special ferries are being laid on to carry Festival goers from the mainland. “We want as many as possible to come early to avoid a crush,” said the spokesman. Because of the tremendous response, the Festival will start a day earlier than previously scheduled with the Nice and Bonzo Dog appearing on Friday, but only season ticket holders will be admitted free. Every facility to make it the Festival of all Festivals has been laid on. There will be 30 marquees, housing a camping lot, restaurants and cafes, shops, free concerts by amateur bands, poetry reading and an 800ft long discotheque. The central spot of the Festival will be a bowl-type arena where Bob Dylan will make his first appearance in Britain for four years. He will be joined by The Band, who have never performed this side of the Atlantic before. Bob, who is writing special material for the Festival, will appear on Sunday evening “for as long as he wants.” A period of two to three hours has been envisaged, but this could be extended. Mystery surrounds the Festival fee to be paid to Bob, but it is known to be “astronomical and one of the highest ever paid to artists in Britain.” Although Bob will be spending a few days on the Isle of Wight after the appearance, a telegram from New York states categorically that he will be doing no other performances.

ON THE BILL. Appearing at the Isle of Wight Festival of Music with Bob Dylan and The Band will be: The Who, Moody Blues, Julie Felix, Family, Joe Cocker, The Nice, Bonzo Dog Band, Fat Mattress, Marsha Hunt and the White Trash, Free, The Pretty Things, Richie Havens, Tom Paxton, Pentangle, Gary Farr, Indo Jazz Fusions, Liverpool Scene, Blodwin Pig, Gypsy, Edgar Broughton Band, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, Blonde on Blonde and King Crimson.