Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 September 30th.
Yes, it’s a Nice Send Off

Harrogate Theatre, that lovely old place they call the Theatre of the Dales got a shock on Sunday night. It was filled to capacity and by sound as well as people. This was the first night of the Pop Proms, the first of what is hoped to be a successful series of Sunday evenings where quality rock groups will play in the theatre’s delightfully intimate setting to appreciative audiences from all over Yorkshire. The Next.

Featured were the Nice and Yes, and the end result is that 100’s of people were waiting for the next prom! New group Yes who have played at most of this year’s major jazz and pop festivals with tremendous reviews were as good as expected. This group will be very big before long. Everyone was in happy mood half way through the evening, thanks to Yes, so the Nice got a tremendous roar when they came on stage. They played mainly the same material as they did at the Isle of Wight including Tim Hardin’s “Hold on to a Dream” and the now legendary “Rondo”. A Good Night.

So everyone had a good night. But I know many people are rather sceptical about the future of the Proms, well something as grand as this can last in the North contrary to popular belief, and it will. Organiser Danny Pollock told me that he is just finalising dates and bands for the third Proms and he says a group as big as the Nice will be there. All the Proms need now is recognition from the musical papers and support from you. [?????] they will be a major landmark on the musical scene