Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 October 8th.
Leeds Get First Slice of Pie

Humble Pie are going to be one of the biggest groups in Pop. They make their stage debut at Leeds Town Hall on Thursday, and it should be quite a night. It wasn’t so long ago that Pete Townsend discovery, Thunderclap Newman, chose Leeds to open their string of live performances. Who knows, maybe Leeds will soon be the place to be! No Fuss.

Humble Pie, as you have all read everywhere, have been together for some six months. Stevie Marriott, raver-in-chief of the Small Faces and Pete Frampton of The Herd decided along with drummer Jerry Shirley, and bassist Greg Ridley of Spooky Tooth, to get a good band together - NOT a supergroup. That’s probably the reason why they gave the band the name they did, unlike one or two other groups which spring to mind.

They practised in Magdalen Village Hall of all places, without a lot of fuss. They now have an album “As Safe As Yesterday Is” and single “Natural Born Bugie” [sic] which is one of the most satisfying sounds of the moment. I think Humble Pie have found the right formula. The music should be really something. and the appeal of Marriott and Frampton for the slightly younger fans should give the band a good following from more than one age group. David Bowie, whose self-penned single “Space Oddity” is somewhere in the charts at the moment, will appear along with Humble Pie. Reunion.

Apparently Bowie and Peter Frampton, of Humble Pie, are old school buddies, so the occasion should be a reunion for them. Bowie, who regards Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “2001 A Space Oddysey” [sic] as his source of inspiration, goes a step further in his song and tells us of Major Tom, the astronaut who chooses to remain in space rather than return home