Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 October 29th.
Glen and Phonograph find success together.
(An non-attributed Article, possibly by Knopfler)

Local group Edison’s Phonograph and former Leeds Locarno singer Glen South have joined forces and they are a smash hit. The recipe is simple - a change of name and a venue just under 200 miles away.

New name for the line up is Glen’s Magical Roundabout, and they are now the resident band at the Mecca Locarno and Tiffany’s discotheque, Sunderland, where the general manager is Mr John D. Holton, a former assistant manager at the Spinning disc, Leeds and at the Leeds Locarno. They had eight days to practise together before the opening night - and they were an instant success. So much so that they helped pack the discotheque on the following evening.

“When we auditioned each other,” explained Glen, “we just seemed to click. One of the best things about the boys is that they are open minded about the music they play and consequently we can try to please everyone in the ballroom and the discotheque.”