Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 November 11th.
Bonzo Dog - a Howling Success

Take a few cowbells, tubas, death masks, smoke machines and a truckload of equally ridiculous equipment. Add six brilliant musician/comedians and you have Britainís most entertaining group, The Bonzo Dog Band who fill top spot at Harrogate Theatre in Prom No 2 on Sunday, December 7th. The Bonzos, led by singer Vivian Stanshall, project an amazing combination of colour, comedy, satire and good music, which, although generally resulting in a kind of organised chaos, is always in constant demand. Itís difficult writing about the Bonzo Dog Band, and easier going to see them. There are only two originals who remain from the first line-up - Vivian Stanshall and Rodney Desborough Slater. Manageress.

By the way, the gentleman who spent much of his time creating those famous Bonzo humanoids is Roger William Ruskin-Spear, who, apart from playing xylophone, tubular bells, piano, saxophones, trumpet and anything else available, is also largely responsible for the creation of ďAlmaĒ, the lady manageress of the band. Aside from the eye-catching antics of the groupís front men, you could listen to the bandís bass player, Dennis Cowan, who often holds the whole act together while everyone else is dashing madly about on and off the stage. The organisers of the Proms are pleased that they have followed the first event, when The Nice played so well, with a group like Bonzo Dog, so the standards are maintained. I think this is the groupís first appearance in this area outside the college circuit, and they should pack the house. Breakaways.

In fact, the theatre is the perfect venue for the band, for one really has to be fairly near the stage to catch those subtle dabs of humour, which are as funny as the more obvious stunts.

For the second time, the support act for the Proms looks good. Featured with Bonzo Dog are Hardin and York, the two breakaway members of the Spencer Davis Group, comprising Eddie Hardin on organ and Pete York on drums. Their appearance in Harrogate will be one of their last before a tour of the Europe and the States. Finally, I think itís fair to say that the Proms have a national reputation even though the second is still to come. We could have a scene to be proud of.