Yorkshire Evening Post
1969 December 12th.
Great Show from Purple and Family

The Family and Deep Purple concert at St. George’s Hall, Bradford, on Sunday, really did come up to expectations.

Deep Purple belted out their usual stupefying act with guitarist Richie Blackmore’s roasting solos and Jon Lord’s magnificent organ work. The group ended with “Mandrake Root”, complete with strobe light, feedback and general disrespect shown to amplification equipment and musical instruments. Quite astonishing nevertheless. Powerhouse.

Family, with their new member “Polly” on vibes, flute and piano, were quite outstanding. Singer Roger Chapman seemed happier than usual - so did everyone else, come to that. Rob Townsend on his distinctive yellow drum kit charged along. A real little powerhouse, and certainly one of pop’s finest drummers.

Bass player John Weider proved again that he is an excellent guitarist, and in another lengthy “duologue” with Townsend, showed his skill on violin.

Bradford is really moving away from the old soul image. Also on the waiting list for St George’s Hall are Pink Floyd and The Who, who are set to perform “Tommy” on February 11 in a concert arranged by Bradford University Student’s Union. The Best.

Leeds’ country blues singer and guitarist Steve Phillips is the best of his type in the country - confirmed last week by Blues artist Ian Anderson in a free concert at the Polytechnic in Leeds. Leeds University blues band Death (why not Life for goodness sake?) are in the process of getting a regular event going in The Adelphi, Lower Briggate, Leeds, on Fridays