Yorkshire Evening Post
1970 May 5th.
Hit Ahead for Root ‘n’ Jenny

Leeds’ own soul duo Root ‘n’ Jenny Jackson have always been a bomb in the clubs but never made it with a record. Now the time might have arrived. With the backing of the band, The Zenith’s, Root ‘n’ Jenny have a new single on release - “So Far Away.”

The pair are to get an airing either this week or next on TV’s “Top of the Pops”, which seems to do useful things for mediocre sounds. Root ‘n’ Jenny also appear at the Locarno Ballroom in Leeds on May 18.

The new record could mean, too, that with a bigger pulling power Root ‘n’ Jenny will be staying in Britain in future. For too long they have been entertaining audiences abroad.

Christie’s debut disc, “Yellow River,” seems to be getting the plugs and is doing nicely. And for the critics who say Jeff is copying the Creedence sound - he wrote the song ages before they were heard of. In any case, there’s nothing new about the sound of Creedence Clearwater Revival. They were singing for a new generation of kids who never heard of rock ‘n roll. “Travellin’ Band” is just lifted from Little Richard.

This Friday at Leeds Polytechnic, we find The Edgar Broughton Band and the Third Ear Band both of whom played so well at the Isle of Wight Festival of Music. By the way if you missed Traffic at the Polytechnic recently, you didn’t miss anything. John Peel said the other day that Traffic were playing better than ever, which must be a laugh. - M.K.