Yorkshire Evening Post
1970 May 12th.
Standing Ovation After a Shaky Start By Edgar

Audiences can be interesting, and sometimes disappointing. Edgar Broughton, a massive, unsmiling individual with an enormous mane of black, candy-floss hair came with his usual act at Leeds Polytechnic recently. It didn’t sound too good and he was understandably booed by a few at first.

“Shut up or we’ll go,” he warned.
“I thought this was a dance!” squeaked a dull young female.
“It is what it is,” announced Broughton trendily, “I just came along to play.”

He then proceeded with a reggae number. Yes folks it was satirical.

After a predictable dedication to the four students tragically shot dead there was the usual anti-Vietnam war material. The crowd lapped it up.

For the final “Out Demons Out” chant number Broughton asked everyone to stand up. In fact quite a number of people didn’t stand up at first, but had to because they couldn’t see - and that’s how Broughton received a standing ovation. Everyone yelled “Out Demons Out” until their throats were sore and a few left the hall looking aggressive.

But Polytechnic audiences have always been more demonstrative than those at the University for example.

Humble Pie, who have now developed into one of the best guitar groups going, were given a rather weak reception there on Saturday night. They were over twenty minutes late and their sound balance did leave something to be desired.

Procol Harum, [sic - I think it’s Procol Harem] who topped the bill, and who played wonderfully well, started whipping things up when they began their hit numbers. The University retains its title as the best in the country for name artists, with Leonard Cohen next to appear. Enough said.

The dazzling Who appear at York University on Saturday along with Jan Dukes De-Gray from Leeds. Tickets may seem a bit steep at 22s 6d, but for one of the best groups in the world it must be worth it. And anybody can go, which should apply to all University entertainment. Jan Dukes De-Gray are now “getting heavier” says their agent.